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Heart Star: A Game Every Stay-At-Home Mom Should Play

Heart star is an adorable platformer created by Adventure Islands. One player controls two characters that have to work together to get to the next level. This includes carrying each other, pushing each other, and catching each other.

The blue-haired character is restricted to the blue star world. And a pink-haired character is limited to the pink heart world. The limitations of their parallel worlds, force them to be codependent in order for the both of them to reach the golden torch. There are unique problems on every level, such as gaps they can fall through, moving platforms, spikes, and more. No matter what the two face, there’s always a way for them to win. 

As a mom, I was introduced to this game by our kids. I loved that the game taught some super valuable life lessons, such as…

  • encouraging players to literally put themselves in the other person’s shoes

  • reminding players that any obstacle can be overcome with the power of teamwork

  • demonstrating how different perspectives can still be working towards the same goal

You can check out the game trailer below...

Who Created Heart Star?

Jussi Simpanen is an illustrator, character designer, and the indie game developer behind Adventure Island and Heart Star. Jussi created the 60-level game using Stencyl and first released it on the App Store on February 9, 2017. The playful music is by Christina Antoinette Neofotistou.

Is Heart Star A Family-Friendly Game?

Heart Star is rated E for everyone ages 10 and older. There is fantasy violence, for example the players can hit spikes and fall off of platforms. It's totally up to you if you want to try it out with your little ones. In our home we play side-by-side with our kids to see who can beat levels quicker.

Is Heart Star A Brain Game?

Yes! Its game-play is super simple, yet challenging at the same time. The world swapping, forces players to think strategically about each move. Every time the player switches between worlds, they literally see different obstacles and challenges that have to be overcome in order to win. Gaming skills (we think) it supports include...

  • memory building

  • strategic thinking

  • problem solving

  • timing

What Happens At The End Of Heart Star?

After beating the 60th level, the storyline is replayed. It shows a male and female character trying to connect. Then eventually sitting on a purple moon platform (the only world they are both able to exist in). The characters are holding hands and happily staring into each other's eyes.

Heart Star Ending

If you're ready to experience this hard-working duo -- there are multiple ways to play. Our favorite is on Poki, because it’s free (with ads). But you can also download it from the App Store, Google Play, or find it on other gaming websites.

Have you played Heart Star? What other games help you reflect on motherhood?

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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