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8 Free Winter Games (For Baby Gamers)

Looking for a cozy way to enjoy the freezing season? Below are colorful, interactive, winter-themed games you can play online with your little one.

1. Holiday Cookie Maker

Ages 3-5 | Free

Make a "monster-piece" with Elmo by decorating a gingerbread cookie for the holidays. There are candy canes, snow flakes, chocolate sweets, frosting, and more. Your little artist can use their imagination to design whatever they want. A great introduction to digital art and its different techniques (like drawing, stamping, and erasing).

Holiday Art Maker For Kids | Christmas Games Online

2. Gingerbread House Maker

Ages 3-8 | Free (with ads on desktop)

After you're done designing your cookie, build a gingerbread house. Learn the different parts of a house including the roof, window, and doors. Then customize and decorate with holiday-themed candy. While having fun, little ones explore visual spatial skills, and dragging and dropping on their device. Projects can also be saved and printed.

Gingerbread House Maker | Online Winter Art Games

3. Grover's Winter Games

Ages 3-5 | Free

This Sesame Street Game is led by Grover, the accidental-prone blue monster. Gamers are asked to pick a player then choose from three winter mini-games. There is ice skating, snowboarding, and skiing adventures that introduce gamers to different educational concepts. The skating game integrates counting and tracing numbers. The skiing game is about listening to directions and recognizing colors. And the snowboarding game allows the player to do cool tricks with patterns. Patterns with shapes such as a rhombus, pentagon, triangle, circle, and square. Each mini game has structured play, then a time for free play.

4. Snowman Maker

Ages 3-8 | Free (with ads on desktop)

Too cold outside? Is there no snow on the ground? Little ones can get creative designing a digital snowman. Gamers can play with body parts like the snowman's eyes, nose, and arms. There's also the opportunity to explore winter-themed clothes like hats, gloves, and scarves. Important computer skills include dragging and dropping, as well as maneuvering between tabs.

Free Snowman Maker on ABCya | Online Winter Games For Kids

5. Seasons Spinner

Ages 3-5 | Free

Join Sesame Street characters Abby and and her brother Rudy as they play in all the seasons. Gamers learn about how to appropriately dress for different types of weather. For example, Abby and Rudy slide down a winter slope collecting mittens, scarves, and other warm outwear for their snowman. Gamers steer the sled side-to-side in order to choose between two items.

6. Make A Christmas Tree

Ages 3-9 | Free (with ads on desktop)

Here's another chance for you and your little one to get creative. This Christmas Tree Maker allows you to set the background, choose the type and color of the tree, and decorate with lights, garlands, ornaments, gifts, and a tree topper. You can print and save your project.

Decorate an online Christmas Tree on ABCya

7. Make A Cookie

Ages 3-5 | Free (with ads on desktop)

Another cookie maker, but this one has step-by-step instructions on how to bake a cookie in real life. It starts with rolling out the dough, using a cookie cutter, then decorating with colored icing and toppings.

8. Grover's Motorcycle Mahem: Holiday Edition

Ages 3-5 | Free

Help Grover reach the finish line in the fastest time. Gamers will pass by Sesame Street friends including Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Abby, and Mr. Snuffleupagus. They'll steer using a mouse, arrow keys, or touch screen to avoid obstacles and use ramps and boosts to increase their speed. A fun and action-packed game with pixelated characters and a wintery background.

That's it for our list! Which one did you and/or your family have the most fun playing? If you like these games, you may love our list of winter-themed games on Scratch, which you can check out here.

Until next time...

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