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A Simple Trick To Stop Hair Ties From Breaking

When you’re doing your child’s hair, you want a reliable, sturdy accessory that does not break under pressure and doesn’t damage your little one’s hair.

We love these black pony tail holders. They're great for sectioning the hair and are gentle enough to secure the ends of braids. They're also strong enough for thick hair, and are wrapped in a heavy stretchy fabric. There are no metals or ragged glue spots that snag or damage the hair. Lastly, they're super versatile, which makes them perfect for our whole family (my mom-bun included).

What Causes Hair Ties To Break?

Hair ties can break if too much force is applied. For example if you pull the hair tie too much the elastic can pop.

Why Is It Bad For Hair Ties To Break?

It hurts and it’s annoying. Think about a rubber band with the force of your mom’s heavy handedness popping on your tender scalp.

It’s super painful.

Plus if you buy a product, you want to be able to use it. And while you can repair the band by tying the ends into a knot, that knot could end up causing serious damage, like ripping your hair out.

I found oiling hair bands prevents popping. When they are properly lubricated (with oil), any amount of stress or pressure just helps them expand further.

How To Make Sure Your Hair Ties Don't Pop Or Pull Out Your Hair

The picture above shows you three hair ties. The new one (on the right) is fresh out of the package. The middle one wasn't oiled so it pulled out some hair. And the last hair tie (on the left) was oiled. You can tell it is used because it is stretched, but there is no sign of hair damage as there is no hair wrapped around the hair tie.

How Do You Oil Hair Ties?

Drizzle a little oil (we use olive) in your hands and rub it all around the band. Make sure you cover every surface. You only have to do this once. You’ll notice a well lubricated hair tie has less or no hair tangled it in.

Why Does Hair Get Tangled In Hair Ties?

Our curls have one mission, and one mission only. To protect the scalp at all cost. They do this by creating a beautifully textured cushion. During this very important process, other curls, lint, and even hair bands can naturally become entangled.

What’s The Down Side Of Oiling Hair Ties?

They never break.

After repeated use they eventually lose their original shape and stretch so much the elastic is exposed. Since the elastic is no longer covered, you won’t want to use this in your hair because it looks inconsistent and may not provide the same protection. Meaning the exposed elastic could pull out strands and cause hair breakage.

Super Stretched Hair Ties Made Into a Hair Band Ball

When the hair ties become over stretched, I gather a bunch of them and turn them into a ball. It's a great toy for your little ones. The following video will show you how.

What's The Difference Between Hair Ties And Hair Bands?

A hair tie is an accessory used to tie back the hair - hence the name "hair tie." Hair bands are a type of hair tie, but scrunchies, pony tail holders, elastics, and even head bands are all accessories used to style the hair and keep it off of the face.

Are There Times You Want Hair Ties To Break?


I purposefully buy flimsy hair elastics for our one year old. Because her hair has a smaller diameter and her developing scalp is so fragile, I don’t need heavy-duty accessories and I don’t want her styles to be too tight.

These elastics easily break when there’s too much tension. They also come in clear and rainbow colors too. When they don’t naturally pop, the thin material makes it super easy to cut them out of her hair, so that they do not disturb her curls.

If you want to browse more hair tie options for your little ones, we buy ours from Amazon. They have a large selection of high-quality hair accessories from multiple vendors. You can find adjustable hair ties for locs, elastics for extra thick hair, and even hair ties with the cute balls on the end. Plus they deliver to your home. I hope this helps!

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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