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Eating On The Go: 5 Reasons We Never Leave Without Fruit/Veggies

I try to make sure our girls leave the house with a full-stomach each morning. I like that the girls have a hot breakfast (oatmeal, porridge, cream-of-wheat... to name a few), to hold them over until we return to the house for dinner.

Here are five reasons I never leave the house without fruit or veggies.

1. Save Time In the Morning

Deciding what to pack for snack may not seem like a difficult decision. On top of all the other choices I have to make each day, I do not want to spend too much brain power on what I should feed them each day. Now that our routine is two hot meals and fruit or veggies in between, it’s so much easier for me just grab food and leave the house.

2. Inexpensive

The girls are less likely to ask for fast food if we already have snacks in the car. Plus it’s unhealthy and gets expensive buying food out all the time. If I have to buy food, I prefer to run in and out of the grocery store with a bag of fruits or veggies.

3. Calm & Happy Children

This applies more to our two year old, who gets very cranky if she is hungry. Since she eats every 2 hours or more, it’s essential that I keep snacks on hand to keep her in a positive mood. Also, our five year old can work up an appetite running around, so it’s nice having juicy snacks on hand to quench her hunger and thirst.

4. Natural Sugar for Natural Energy

I find that fruit gives the girls the perfect amount of sugar and water to keep them energized throughout the day.

5. Healthy for Me & Them

I love food and sometimes am a mindless eater. Carrying fruit, allows me to eat large quantities without having negative effects on my body. Another parent once told me, “we shouldn’t tell our kids what to eat, they will eat what they see us eat.” I’m happy that my kids love fruit and veggies as much me (if not more).

Below are some of my girls’ favorite bite-site treats:

Strawberries Blueberries Watermelon

Apples Clementines Grapes

Pears Pineapple Peaches

Nectarines Cherry Tomatoes Bananas

Blackberries Carrots Bell Peppers


Until next time...

Love the Journey,

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