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5 Steps To A Confident Loc Take-Down

You’re super excited about taking out your locs and want to know where to start. We’ve listed our favorite steps below.

Confidently Take Down Your Locs

Step 1: Count Your Locs

You’ll want to know how many locs you’re starting with. Knowing the exact number, and watching that number decrease over time will feel satisfying.

Step 2: Determine Your Starting Point

Starting at the back will allow you to wear a style that hides your unravelled locs. This means you can continue wearing your locs out without anyone knowing you’re in transition. You can also start at the front and do a cute half-up, half down style to marry the process.

Step 3: Time It

Pay attention to how long it takes for you to take out one loc. This number will be a rough estimate as some locs may be thicker (or thinner), which means they can take a little more (or a little less time). Having this rough guesstimate will help you figure out how long it will take you to unravel your entire head.

Step 4: Be In The Moment

You can binge watch a series, listen to audiobooks, or just vibe out to some good music while undoing your locs. Surround yourself with all the positive, insightful, and uplifting energy that will help you cherish this moment. It will be a memory you can fondly look back on.

Step 5: Reveal

After removing your locs, you’ll definitely look and feel different. How do you plan to reveal the new you?

That’s it! If you’re curious about things to know before you take out your locs. We made a list here. And if you want to know how long it may take for you to take out your locs, we built a calculator for you here.

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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