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How Breastfeeding Revealed To Me My Own Abundance

I was giving myself a breast massage and streams of milk were squirting everywhere.

I used to feel anxious about losing breast milk and was often preoccupied with making sure every drop was used for a specific purpose.

Where Did I Get The Fear Of Running Out Of Milk From?

After our first daughter was born I had a hard time pumping enough for the hours we were apart. With our last daughter, I expressed milk for popsicles. But again, it appeared my supply was super low.

Both experiences left me believing there was no room for “spilled milk” — literally.

But today was different.

As I massaged my breasts and visually saw 5 plus streams of milk flowing freely, I was reminded of my own abundance.

To me, abundance is having more than you could ever imagine. A never ending stream of wealth available to you at any moment.

And breast milk is a naturally renewable energy. Which means, our bodies automatically replenish it on demand. I’m thankful my deep circles and gentle pressure was super relaxing — and my body responded by letting go.

Have you ever watched your milk freely exit the nipple? What does it teach you? What are your feelings towards your milk supply?

Until next time...

Love Thyself,

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