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8 Non-Verbal Ways I Express Love To My Breasts

To me, love is an overwhelming amount of respect and admiration.

...and since I communicate with my body in nonverbal ways, here’s how I show my breast gratitude.

Coffee Scrub

I make my own with coffee grinds, salt, sugar, honey and coconut oil. While in the tub, I gently massage my breasts, making sure to include my armpits and clavicles.

If you’d prefer to buy a scrub, Shea Moisture's are pretty awesome.

Breast Massage

My massages feel best after a nice scrub. I use a mixture of olive oil and lotion as a lubricant and to seal in my skin's moisture.

Again, I make sure to work my armpits, clavicle and nipples too.


Sweat is a great sign our bodies are getting rid of toxins, which means our breast milk will be a higher quality.

So I’m super grateful for underboob and armpit sweat.

For years my body would not perspire. Now I noticed drinking tea, using a healthy deodorant (or none at all), and consistent walks help my sweat flow.

Edible Products

From my coffee scrub to oil, most of the products I use on my skin are edible. I do use lotion and cocoa butter, but the goal is to move towards solely edible products.


I love how the sun fills in my stretch marks, fades my scars and evens out my skin. This summer I plan to be more intentional about making sure my girls get sunlight.

Wearing Cotton

It’s breathable, soft, comfortable and my preferred fabric.

Kissing Them

Yup! I kiss myself.


I’m thankful for the “free the nipple” and bralette trend, which makes going braless more acceptable. Nevertheless, the greatest expression of love is accepting my boobs just the way they are - which is currently jiggly and pale with a sag.

I think that’s all for my list. Please share ways you express love to your breasts?

Until next time...

Love Thyself,

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