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Mastication Post-Breastfeeding

Mastication, also known as chewing, is the breakdown of our food. It involves the teeth, our jaw and other facial muscles.

I’ve noticed some correlation between the time our children spent nursing and how long they chewed post-breastfeeding.

Our oldest daughter, who is now 7, nursed a long time. I’m talking at least 20 minutes per breast. As she aged, I still think she took her time. Now, she eats very quickly. Minutes after I’ve blessed the food, her plate is clean and she is asking for seconds.

Our middle daughter was always a quick nurser. And now, as a 4 year old she really takes her time chewing her food. I would say, it takes her at least 20 minutes to finish her plate. And in that time both me and her sister have had our second share.

I thought it was interesting how our girls switched when it comes to consuming their food post-breastfeeding.

Either way, I’m super greatful our daughter’s are good eaters. In fact, sometimes I wish they didn’t have huge appetites (I’m joking...kind of)

Anyways, tell me about your family? Have you noticed a correlation between mastication post-breastfeeding?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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