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Affectionate Touch Post-Breastfeeding

Touch is an essential part of my nurturing style.

After breastfeeding well into childhood, our girls got used to being held, cradled and snuggled super close to me. Now that they are 4 and 7, I make a concerted effort to continue making loving physical contact with our girls.

Affectionate Touch Post-Breastfeeding | DommiesBlessed

Wake With A Deep Hug

I allow our girls to wake naturally and when they do, I prefer to start their day with a nice morning cuddle. This does not happen all the time, especially mornings when we have somewhere to be. However, taking those few seconds most mornings to pause and connect, helps us start our day off right.

Rubbing Hairline

This was one of my favorite forms of touch as a child. I remember my mom letting me lay my head in her lap (even as a young adult in my 20s) and she would lovingly stroke my hairline. Her gentle fingers were super relaxing.

Post-Bath Hug

Another fond memory from childhood, included stepping into my mom’s arms after a warm bath. It helped me avoid the freezing cold. It was also fun being carried and wrapped tight in a warm towel.

Post-Bath Massage

I'm convinced that full-body massages are key to brain development. They are also relaxing, comforting and a great bonding opportunity. And so, after their bath, I rub them down with a mixture of lotion, oil and butter. I find massaging their feet to be the most therapeutic for me. The girls often complain when I moisturize their face, but I'm obsessed with healthy chocolate skin.

Boo Boo Kisses

Sometimes the girls ask for a band-aid after they skinned their knee or get hurt in some way. After the tears have passed and they are alright, I make sure to seal their boo boos with a kiss.

Night Cuddles

I get most of my work done at night, which took me away from their bedtime stories and night cuddles. The girls now put me to bed, meaning I knock out way before they are ready to go to sleep. But as a co-sleeping family, I strive to hold them before they close their eyes at night.

Just Because

There are times our girls ask, "Mommy can we cuddle?" Whether it be because they are cold, a little scared, anxious, insecure or just want to feel my love, I try to stop what I am doing in order to be hold them when they need it most.

It’s your turn. How do you affectionately touch your children post-breastfeeding?

Sending so much love your way,

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