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Breastfeeding Review: DIY Babywearing Wrap

During pregnancy, I searched for a vibrant multi-colored wrap that I could wear. They ranged from $50 to $200, but I was more concerned about not being able to test them before purchasing to make sure the fabric felt good and it fit my round curves. So I made my own - which cost me... 1-hour browsing at my local fabric store, $7 for the beautiful piece of cloth, and 30 minutes hand-sewing my custom-fit carrier.

Breastfeeding Review: DIY Babywearing Wrap | DommiesBlessed

Aren’t the store bought brands better? I’ve tried brand-named carriers and honestly my DIY wrap is better for the following reasons... ✔️I wore it during pregnancy as a belly wrap, which relieved pelvic floor pain, minimized my stretch marks and helped me walk more easily. ✔️The stretchy-cotton fabric literally hugs me, making it super comfortable (for both me and our baby). ✔️ It grows with baby (can fit a newborn to a toddler). ✔️It’s fairly easy to put on and adjust. ✔️The wrap traps body heat making us warm in the winter. ✔️Cotton is also breatheable, so it doesn’t get too hot in the summer. ✔️Choosing a fabric I love, made baby-wearing with our DIY wrap even more special. So, How Did I Make It? I went to a local fabric store,

bought 3 yards,

cut the fabric down the middle, and sewed the two pieces together. This video shows how we wrap our newborn. How is babywearing related to breastfeeding? The short answer is that my Breastfed babies were used to being held and babywearing compliments that lifestyle. They also sleep longer, which makes them happier and made it easier for me to adjust to our new life with multiple children. What carrier do you use? Until next time. Love Thyself,

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