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In Preparation For Breastfeeding, I Got Real Still

Let me explain.

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During my last pregnancy, I was super stressed.

There were some very painful events in my life, I felt trapped, hurt and ultimately chose to let it stress me out — instead of focusing on life’s many blessings.

I furrowed my eyebrows, tensed my muscles and perseverated on thoughts that I had no control over.

So because I was pregnant, I wasn’t only stressing myself out, our child was exposed to all of those stress hormones in utero.

For me, stress is something you do to yourself.

We have free will on how we respond to situations — we can make them lift us up, or tear us down.

After her birth, adjusting to raising two kids was even more difficult.

So my milk was probably overflowing with stress hormones.

And let me tell you. Nothing is more overwhelming than a child who is physiologically stressed and doesn’t have a way to tell you.

This pregnancy, I vowed to be better — to do better.

I remembered how powerful my breath was in helping me give birth. It literally relieved the pressure and made my pain more bearable.

So I began paying attention to my breaths.

That meant I had to get still. Real still.

I had to get quiet enough to listen to my needs.

What does getting still look like?

I only spoke when I had to.

I did not spend time around too many people.

I also stopped going to all the activities and events that usually filled our homeschool schedule.

I read a lot.

I focused on what I could control and that was what I ate and how I spent my time.

I surrounded myself with positive and influential people online, so that I could literally learn how to better deal with situations that overwhelmed me.

The results...

I felt relaxed and at peace.

My massage therapist said she physically could not feel any knots in my body. So even though I felt better, she affirmed that even my body was responding.

Getting still serves different purposes for different people. I knew that in order to produce the highest quality of milk for our child, I had to change internally.

And so I did — and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Was there ever a time in your life where you needed to be still? What were your results?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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