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On Instagram, I posted a cute pic of a father and son buying our new children’s book, with the hashtag #blackbreastfeedingweek2019.

One of my intentions was to announce the arrival of our new children’s book. I also thought it was pretty cool having two of our Kings in a breastfeeding post.


I never expected this image would get 4 times the attention my other post get, especially from people I’ve never met.

How did this photo get so much love?

By using the hashtag of course!

Allegedly discovered in 2007, this genius symbol (the #hashtag) was used to help connect internet users around causes, events, interests and more.

And so, when I clicked on #blackbreastfeedingweek2019, I was overwhelmed by the hidden world of black womyn celebrating breastfeeding.

I mean, A LOT of black womyn breastfeed their children.

And I was deeply comforted by these womyn’s photos and stories.

I felt even more proud to have contributed a black male breastfeeding supporter with his son.

and so I’d like to say...

Thank you to Kimberly Sears Allen, Kiddada Green and Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka for being the co-founders behind Black Breastfeeding Week.

Thank you to all the mothers who courageously post breastfeeding images on social media despite any public backlash.

Thank you to everyone who virtually supports families by leaving uplifting comments during a crucial period in a mother and child’s life.

Thank you to the scholars and professionals who devote hours, long days, months and years of their careers to this public health issue.

A big thank you to the dads, brothers, uncles and other male-figures that encourage our queens while they nourish the next generation.

Thank you internet, for allowing us to virtually connect when families need us the most (like at 2am when a breastfeeding mother may contemplate quitting).

And thank you #hashtag. You, my dear, are better than any search engine, allowing us to organize global movements with a simple click of a button.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

One Board Book

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