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Chocolate Milk: The Documentary Review

For Black Breastfeeding Week the Boston Breastfeeding Coalition collaborated with BACE to do a local screening of Chocolate Milk.

Here is the trailer...

The production was dope.

I was greatly inspired by Elizabeth Bayne, the film’s director and producer.

I felt super proud watching this young, confident, knowledgable and deeply melanated womyn, rocking her natural hair while sitting in front of a sea of breastfeeding mothers.

I was getting even more excited as she briefly discussed the experiential reasons the Black community may not be breastfeeding.

While the imagery of the trailer left me wanting more, I really struggled to connect with the characters during the actual documentary.

What I was hoping the film would address was the underlying points Bayne hinted at in the trailer - which included…

✔︎ The way the food industry markets to our communities

✔︎ The way we are treated by the medical establishment

✔︎ The way we experience the world as Black Womyn

To be fair, these points could have been covered in the documentary, however I could not get to the end of the film because the I found the womyn’s experiences triggering.

What was triggering about these womyn’s stories?

Honestly, it’s hard for me to explain - which probably means I’m subconsciously rejecting those traumatizing thoughts or I haven’t been able to successfully process them.

Nevertheless, I’m super impressed by the intention behind this project as well as it’s national attention.

While the documentary was supposed to be the main event, I was more intrigued by the 5 years of mini-clips behind the Chocolate Milk Project.

I’m super grateful for Bayne and her team for documenting individuals like Omisade Burney-Scott and Mary Muse. It helped me do further research on modern breastfeeding from a Black perspective.

Did you see Chocolate Milk? What was your reaction?

Until next time.

Love thyself,

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