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Our 4 Year-Old's Reaction To Me Breastfeeding Her New Baby Sister

I totally thought she would regress, but she didn’t. Here’s how our 4 year old reacted to me breastfeeding her new baby sister.

She Wanted To Help

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At first she begged me to buy bottles, so she could help feed the baby. Which I found interesting, because our 4 year old never drank from a bottle.

When our daughter realized I wasn’t buying anything, she focused on helping baby latch, burping her and reminding me of the last breast I fed from.

She Also Joined Me

Even before our youngest was born, our 4 year old was mimicking mothering through play. She dressed her doll, fed her doll, changed her doll and now she nurses her doll.

She Didn’t Regress

Our 4 year-old last nursed about two months prior to me giving birth to our youngest.

Despite the fact that she stopped attaching to the breast, she was still obsessed with looking, touching and smelling them.

As soon as this baby came, everything stopped.

Our 4 year old has no interest in the breast for herself. Instead she is very interested in making sure the baby gets what she needs, which has made adjusting to our growing family so much easier.

Were you surprised with how your child handled a younger sibling nursing? How is your family adjusting to your new little one?

Until next time.

Love thyself,

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