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Our 4 Year Old’s Relationship With The Breast (Post-Breastfeeding)

No she doesn’t attach to feed anymore, but she is still in love with the breasts.

She buries her face in between them.

Rubs the nipples through the shirt.

Squeezes them.

Wants to attend to their needs, likes scratching them when they itch.

and ...

They immediately make her happy when she sees them.

This post-breastfeeding phase was a little overwhelming, because I thought once she finished nursing, I would have my body back.


The breasts fed and comforted her for years and she adored them.

Did you notice your little one’s breast obsession post breastfeeding? How long did that phase last.

If you are in this phase now. Don’t worry. Ours lasted a couple of months and then she was completely done.

Until next time.

Love thyself,

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