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Finding My Bosom…

Have you discovered your earthly bosoms? I’m not talking about the bosoms that our children feed from.

The bosom is OUR place of comfort.

It’s where we replenish ourselves and get grounded.

The place that nourishes us, sustains us, gives us a sense of security, closeness, warmth and love - the place we feel most at home.

It’s an intimate space where we feel stronger, wiser, more energized and full of joy.

Revisiting our bosom is a form of earthing, similar to a child suckling, it connects us to our foundation.

Like mamatoto (motherbaby in Swahili), the bosom is a place of interconnectedness. Our bosom depends on us and we depend on it, like a mother who needs her child during the nursing years, and the child needs her.

Wondering How To Find Your Bosom?

What experience makes you feel most alive?

What reminds you of where you came from?

What calms you and helps you focus on what’s most important?

Where do you go to quiet your mind and get away from distractions?

Have you ever been in a place that makes you unknowingly smile (internally or externally) and enhances your mood?

Have you experienced fatigue or body aches, but when in a certain environment you are full of energy?

What gives you a holistic experience of fulfillment? Meaning it feeds your mind, body and soul - and awakens all of your senses?

I strongly believe a mother's bosom provides all this and more to our children. And Mother Earth holds a sacred bosom for us too. Our goal is to find it.

If you know what your bosom is, don’t be afraid to bask in it.

And to all the moms that haven’t found it yet. Keep looking. Your bosom still needs you and you need it.

Until next time…

Love Thyself,

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