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We Published A Book (With A Breastfeeding Child)

Cuddling up with a story is the girls' favorite way to go to sleep. So, here are five reasons I wrote a children’s book.

5 Reasons This Breastfeeding Mom Wrote A Children’s Book

1. I Was Inspired

One night we read the cutest farm story which featured a nursing child. We’ve read many children’s book and this image had a lasting impression on me. It was absolutely beautiful and inspired me to write our own story with a nursing child.

2. We Adore Picture Books

As an adult who loves picture books, I know the power in images.

Our 4 year old never drank from a bottle or used a pacifier. Yet and still when she welcomed her new cousin she thought all babies used them.

So even though our child isn’t reading words, she is consuming and interpreting images which are becoming permanent schemas in the way she views the world and how it works.

3. Book For Early Readers

We read tons of board books and we love simple wording that our early readers can pick up on. So we created our own story with repetitive words that a small child will eventually be able to read themselves and I’m so thankful the girls approved it.

4. Show How Small Children Are Fed

Both of our girls love mimicking motherhood through playing dolls, family and pregnancy. I’m thankful this book shows the most natural way to feed a young child.

5. Not Just A Breastfeeding Book

I like to say this book is breastfeeding-friendly, meaning the goal wasn't to focus on breastfeeding, but instead to show a young child (not infant), counting, playing and casually connecting with her mother.

And so “One” was born.

If you want a copy, check it out here. If you are an organization, company or philanthropist you can totally purchase a bulk order at a discounted rate here.

And if you’ve already read the book and want to give feedback, I would love that too!

If you are interested in writing your own, I used an illustrator from Fivverr, self-published using Bowker, and got them manufactured in China using Alibaba. As always, feel free to contact me if you have more questions about the self-publishing process.

Until next time...

Love thyself,

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