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102 Interesting Facts About My Breastfeeding Journey

1. My breasts are so deflated I can roll them.

2. Sometimes I can’t feel when my child is nursing.

3. I’ve been nursing for 7 consecutive years and am pregnant now.

4. Breastfeeding while pregnant hurts like h@#%

5. Nipple twiddling is annoying and hurts like h@#% too.

6. Because of breastfeeding, my daughters love to sleep right up under me.

8. I had no idea what a breastfeeding group was before I attended one.

9. It took us (my friend and I with our newborns) 45 minutes to get there.

10. I guest blog for the Boston Breastfeeding Coalition.

11. I ran a Breastfeeding Group that only one person showed up to (only once—LMBO).

12. I consider myself a breastfeeding journalist.

13. Lanolin cream saved my breastfeeding journey (but I’m not sure how healthy it is for you).

14. Correction -- my friend who introduced me to lanolin cream saved my life (thanks Simone!)

15. I forced weaned our first daughter at the age of three.

16. I nursed a two year old while I was pregnant.

17. I also nursed a three year old while pregnant.

18. My nipples look like blackberries.

19. My nipples get caught on things.

20. My nipples hurt right now.

21. My most embarrassing breastfeeding moment was at a conference when my nipple was sticking out of my dress while I was talking to a male co-worker.

22. I was criticized for breastfeeding at a restaurant, because a mom said it was inappropriate her teenage girls were there.

24. Breastmilk was so good our newborn nursed through the blood, pus and scabs.

25. I tandem nursed a two year old and a new born.

26. Tandem nursing made me want to cry.

27. My two year old daughter was the best lactation consultant I ever met.

28. I was breastfed for 4 months.

29. I do not know much about my mother’s breastfeeding experience besides the fact that she nursed all three of her children.

30. I have one hair on my right breast that keeps growing back.

31. The most I ever got from pumping was 5 ounces from one breast.

32. I consider myself to have a low milk supply.

33. Water immediately replenishes my milk supply.

34. I’ve never tried breast milk supplements.

35. I experienced a decreased milk supply when returning to work after a 3 month maternity leave.

36. I breastfeed on demand.

37. I had lopsided boobs for a short period of time.

38. Engorged breasts feel like hard rocks.

39. I couldn’t put my arms down when engorged.

40. The most awkward conversation - explaining why you can not hug a person because you’re engorged.

41. Warm showers are my favorite way to relieve engorged breasts.

42. I heard cabbage leaves dry up your milk - but I never tried it.

43. I define breastfeeding as “passing riches to our young through the bossom.”

44. I have no idea what my prebreastfeeding breasts looked like.

45. One breast definitely has more milk than the other.

46. The koala hold is my favorite breastfeeding position for toddlers.

47. Lying down is my all-time favorite position for any age.

48. The boppy saved my life.

49. My breastfeeding apron was a waste of money.

50. So was my breastfeeding scarf.

51. Wearing two shirts is the best way to discrete nurse (in my opinion).

52. My breasts have stretch marks.

53. And they sag.

54. Breastfeeding for several years dehydrated me to the point the sides of my lips cracked and my skin looked like crap.

55. I did not like the taste of my breastmilk.

56. Family members tasted my expressed breastmilk and said “it was the best thing they ever had.”

57. The first time I saw a womyn’s breast in real life was when I was around 8 years old. After that I was in my 20s - which is sad, because womyn should know about breast in preparation for breastfeeding.

58. Toys R Us (RIP) had one of the best breastfeeding rooms in Boston.

59. Boston Children’s Museum currently has the best breastfeeding room in Boston.

60. A Kenyan library worker encouraged me to breastfeed when he noticed our two year old was sprawled out on the floor crying.

61. I had no idea studying breastmilk was a STEM activity (thank you Dr. Ifeyinwa Asiodu!)

62. Bertilde Sylvestre was the first black womyn I met who nursed her child past two years old.

63. I loved reading about Laila Ali’s journey, the first celebrity I heard of who didn’t rush to get rid of her pregnancy weight while breastfeeding.

64. I also love Thandie Newton for breastfeeding her 2 year old in public.

65. My first breast pump was a never used hand-me down.

66. I got my second breast pump through my insurance, but ended up giving it to another mom.

67. I used to avoid wearing dresses because of breastfeeding.

68. I only discrete nursed with my first child.

69. I was criticized for breastfeeding in church.

70. I use to leak through my shirts and bedsheets.

71. I wish I knew about reusable nursing pads, but I used disposable ones early in my journey.

72. Breastmilk made me grow to a 38E bra size.

73. I had never heard of an E cup before.

74. I have no idea what size bra I am now.

75. I only owned two nursing bras which my friend bought (thanks Marena!)

76. I prefer to be braless.

77. I’m grateful for a husband who supports breastfeeding.

78. I’ve published 44 breastfeeding posts on my blog right now.

79. I have 205 pending breastfeeding posts waiting to be published.

80. My first e-book is “Financially Prepared for Breastfeeding.”

81. My first children’s book, features a little girl breastfeeding.

82. My mom thought I had chest acne, because our daughter used to pump and scratch the heck out of my breasts.

83. Our first daughter once latched on for 4 hours (it was in the hospital shortly after her birth).

84. Our 2nd daughter latched herself (she was born at home).

85. I attempted to make breastmilk jewelry, but couldn’t express enough milk.

86. The sweetest comment I received from another mom was that I encouraged her to continue breastfeeding.

87. My favorite child quote about breastmilk is “it tastes like 1,000 melons.”

88. I did not know that breastmilk comes out of multiple holes.

89. I once ate pizza then tried my breastmilk to see if it tasted like pizza - it didn’t.

90. My breastmilk is always sweet.

91. I used my breastmilk to treat our children’s ear infections.

92. I used my breastmilk to heal my eye infection.

93. I am still nursing our 4 year old.

94. A doctor once did my breast exam and questioned if I had any milk left.

95. I am unable to express milk, but our daughter said there is still milk in there.

96. I would love to write a book about breastfeeding throughout history - so if you have a resource to share — please let me know.

97. I met a womyn who wet nursed her nieces/nephews.

98. If a baby is crying, I have the urge to nurse them.

99. I had the urge to nurse our five year old after hearing her wail when she was hit in the eye with a ball — but I didn’t.

100. The funniest thing my children ever said was that they think everyone’s breasts have milk in them.

101. The most interesting thing I learned was that athletes purchase breastmilk over the internet.

102. My daughters breastfeed their dolls.

**BONUS** Yes their bites hurt, but nothing compares to the first gummy-but-toothless clamp.

That's it. Did any of my facts make you laugh or cringe? What interesting facts about your breastfeeding journey would you like to share? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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