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My Mom Vs. His Mom’s Reaction To Me Breastfeeding

The first time I breastfed in public, in front of our parents was the funniest most bizarre experience as a new mother.

My husband’s mom (who comes from the Caribbean) would remove my nursing blanket when I breastfed.

She’s a woman of very little words, so I assume she felt the baby could be suffocating. I was told, island women have no shame and are not ridiculed for breastfeeding in public.

On the other hand, my mom (American) went through great lengths to make sure I was fully covered with blankets. She even used her body as a shield, so no one would see how I fed my child.

What’s ironic about the situation is that my mother breastfed all of her children -- His mother did not.

So my mother’s overreaction surprised me, while I gained strength from my in-law's boldness.

Things did change as our babies approached their first birthday. At that point, I think both sides agreed I should give up the boob.

What has your experience been breastfeeding around your family? What was your response? How did those experiences mold your breastfeeding journey?

Until next time.

Love the Journey,

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