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My Lyft Driver’s Breastfeeding Rant

Ride-sharing has gifted me some life-changing advice from the most fascinating people.

One afternoon with a Lebanese driver led to a conversation about kids, family and American culture. While driving, he looked through the rear-view mirror and noticed I was breastfeeding. He told me how much he loved seeing that.

As an ex-surgeon (he was now driving Lyft because of an unfortunate accident), he emphasized the richness of colostrum (baby’s first food). He argued it gives the babies so many immunities.

I asked about vaccines.

He kept telling me he was a doctor and vaccines are for people who need them, but breastmilk is the best.

He noticed upper-class women rejected breastfeeding because they didn’t want to show their breast. He argued he’s seen many breasts in his day and shrugged it off as a natural everyday occurrence.

He laughed while retelling one vivid memory of a large woman nursing a baby on one side and having a standing child nurse on the other.

He laughed a lot about that story.

To me, he normalized ...

  • breastfeeding in public,

  • breastfeeding in front of men,

  • breastfeeding older children (children tall enough to reach the breast while standing),

  • and tandem nursing

In my experience, it’s usually people from non-American cultures who deeply appreciate breastfeeding women.

If you feel ashamed or embarrassed about breastfeeding, please don’t. There are so many people and cultures around the world rooting for you — and I am too!

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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