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3 Immediate Actions I Take When She Bites Me

3 Immediate Actions I Take When She Bites Me | DommiesBlessed

Whatever you do, do not laugh. If our daughter sees that clamping her jaws on my nipples makes me smile, she would want to make me have that reaction again and again and again.

Here are three things I do when she bites my nipples.

1. Be Serious

Immediately remove the nipple and explain it hurts mommy. Even withholding the nipple for a few seconds, so that baby truly understands.

2. Do This The First Time

It’s important that after the first bite you make it clear. Our girls did not bite, which may be because I was very serious and told them I would take the breast away. They understood and only bit when they were asleep.

3. Prevent it

Make sure your child doesn’t fall asleep on nipple, because they can unintentionally bite during sleep.

Breastfeeding Coach | DommiesBlessed

Are you bothered when your nursing child bites you? What has your experience been with biting while nursing? Let us know below.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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