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7 Crucial Tips Before Wearing A Breastfed Child

Wrapping our girls almost always leads to them napping.

Since we all love a well-rested child, here are seven crucial steps I take before wrapping our children.

7 Crucial Tips Before Wearing A Breastfed Child | DommiesBlessed

1. Make Sure They Are Fed

A hungry child will not stay in a wrap for too long. Make sure thy are well fed so they will be comfortable in the wrap for a while.

2. Make Sure They Are Changed

If they are potty trained, I would make sure they have used the bathroom before being wrapped.

If they are wearing diapers, make sure they are clean and dry.

3. Make Sure They Want To Be Carried

Our now three year old did not like to be carried when she was an infant. She would throw herself around until she was able to wiggle herself loose.

Now as a three year old, she asks to be wrapped, especially if she is tired and wants to go to sleep.

If a child tells you or shows signs of not liking to be wrapped, definitely do not force them. This can be dangerous to both you and them.

I unfortunately ended up purchasing a double stroller for our children because our daughter did not like being carried.

4. Do They Have Neck Control?

We only back wrapped our daughter when she had head control.

The best carry for a newborn baby is the front carry.

5. Make Sure As Much Of Their Body Is In The Wrap

Especially in the back carry, I like to keep her arms inside. It keeps our bodies balanced and minimizes strain on my back.

The front carry is typically used for smaller child, and allows the babies head, fead and legs to be completely covered.

6. Use A Stiff Fabric

This holds them firmly in position - as they move, their weight shifts and this can lead to back problems.

7. Try Not To Sit

Sitting signifies nursing to our breastfed child. So when I wrap her, I have to keep it moving.

I also really think she likes the natural rocking of my hips while being attached - so standing still causes her to fret.

Sitting can also feel awkward for you and your child. So we prefer to remain standing and moving — until she falls asleep.

If you aren’t sure how to wrap a child and want to check out how we wrap our child using fabric...


...or a blanket,

check out our baby wearing playlist.

If you are a baby wearing family, what type of carrier do you use? Also let us know what tips you would add to this list?

Until next time.

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Peace & Love,


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