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The Best Breast Replacement For Dads & 7 Reasons It Works

I’ve heard of stories where fathers breastfed their children.

I don’t think my husband has tried or is interested. Although it would have been helpful [wink wink].

Babywearing is a great alternative to breastfeeding. Here’s why.

The Best Breast Replacement For Dads & 7 Reasons It Works | DommiesBlessed

1. Meaningful First Moments with Newborn

The first few weeks of a newborn's life are spent on the breast and sleeping. Wrapping gives dad the chance to simulate the womb (a warm snug place) so that baby can sleep comfortably attached to their father.

2. Skin-To-Skin

Wrapping also allows our daughters to get to intimately know their father through his scent, his heartbeat, his breaths, his skin, his movements.

3. It’s An Easy Way To Bond

For men who don’t know how to interact with their little ones, wearing them is the perfect way to bond. Granted baby may fall asleep - but that’s kind of neat that the baby will associate sleep with being snuggled up with their father.

4. Stay Mobile

Using strollers can definitely be a learning curve.

I doubt my husband even knows how to work our stroller. But he did learn how to wrap our daughters pretty easily. And now he knows how to be mobile while spending time them.

5. Peace of Mind

I didn’t realize how anxious my husband gets about our children.

Any little coo he heard, he was jumping up to check if they were breathing and okay. When they are wrapped he can literally hear and feel their breaths - which I noticed gave him peace of mind that they were okay.

6. It's Cool

Who doesn’t like to see a dad wearing their child? It’s always adorable watching the many ways fathers connect with their children.

7. Father-Daughter Bond

Even though our children may not remember being wrapped in their conscious memory, I’m sure their subconscious mind will savor those moments.

What type of carrier does your husband use? What are other ways your husband bonds with your breastfed child?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

P.S. Baby wearing should not be expensive. I visited our local fabric store and purchased 3 yards for under $7. Cut the fabric into three equal strips and sew together. Voila! You now have a piece of fabric that should be long enough to fit both you and your spouse.

For reference. I am 5'5 with a 40 inch waist and 180 pounds. My husband is 6', a much larger waist and close to 300 pounds.

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