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5 Reasons This Breastfeeding Mom Is Not Trying To Lose My Pregnancy Weight

5 Reasons This Breastfeeding Mom Is Not Trying To Lose My Pregnancy Weight | DommiesBlessed

“You look good…You look like you’re losing weight,” is not a compliment to me.

I equate losing weight to being sick — and I am a grown wombman who loves my new body.

Here are 5 reasons I’m not trying to lose my pregnancy pounds.

1. I Love The Skin I'm In Now

I don’t like the idea of returning to my body before pregnancy to feel good about myself.

From the spreading of my hips (post childbirth), to the fact that my breasts naturally produce liquid gold, I’m super impressed and extremely proud of my body and what it does on a daily basis.

More importantly, as breastfeeding wombman, we are literally pouring into another being. In doing so, it’s essential to love yourself exactly the way you are.

While I strive to be the strongest and healthiest I can be — I do love where I am at right now.

2. I'm Still Nursing

Breastfeeding burns hundreds of calories a day, so I need to consume a little bit more food to produce this nutrient-rich drink.

Because nursing provides so many vitamins through the boob juice, I need to eat loads of healthy foods to replenish my nutrients and feed her growing body.

Which means I focus on adding to (not subtracting from) my body.

3. My Weight Stays Pretty Consistent

My weight definitely fluctuates 10 pounds in a month.

Around my period, my appetite greatly increases, then I may binge on fruit and salads for a week.

The fact that my weight stays relatively consistent, assures me that I am not over eating, but consuming what my body needs — and I am happy with that.

I also wear waist beads - body jewelry that typically only me and my partner see.

The beads hug my curves and crevices in a way that looks beautiful and makes me feel amazing.

Since I do not take my waist beads off, they also tighten when I eat too much. Unlike a number on a scale, my waist beads measure me against me.

Meaning I am not using a number that compares me to a mass of people. Instead I see how my lifestyle and eating habits directly impact my body.

As they rise and fall on my waist, I get a better understanding of my health.

4. I'm Not Stressed About Food

Depriving myself of certain foods is an unnecessary stress I am not willing to take on.

I’ve gone years without sleep which made me cranky and I can not see myself denying food to reach a number on a scale.

5. I Listen To My Body

I still have strong cravings (similar to during pregnancy) — so I eat!

After pregnancy, I started to experience some muscle aches.

Therefore, I’m trying to drink more water, be more active, build a tighter core and a stronger back — basically maintain a healthier body that is not focused on weight loss.

How about you? How do you feel about your breastfeeding body? Have you gained a few pounds or lost weight during this period? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time.

Love The Journey,

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