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The 1 Guaranteed Way We Calm Our Breastfed Child (Without Using The Breast)

The 1 Guaranteed Way We Calm Our Breastfed Child (Without Using The Breast) | DommiesBlessed

As my milk supply decreases, our three year old tends to get frustrated when my breasts are empty.

Baby wearing has been great in calming her down.

It’s a natural step up from nursing. Wrapping her provides another holistic experience for her emotional and physiological development.

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Like breastfeeding, baby wearing allows our child to be literally attached to me so that she can still feel, hear and smell me.

She loves the security of being wrapped tightly, feeling my body heat, heart beat and hips swaying.

When do I wrap our child?

♡ if we are in public and she wants to nurse ...

♡ if she is tired and wants to nurse ...

♡ if I know I am close-to-empty and she is going to be frustrated.

Not all children like to be wrapped. I tried wrapping our five year old niece and she screamed and called it "torture." Even our three year old, who now repeatedly asks to “get on my back,” refused to be confined when she was smaller.

At this point in our breastfeeding journey, I'm happy that wrapping her compliments our nursing journey.

Don't have a piece of fabric? You can also try using a blanket ....

Curious how we wrapped our children when they were younger? Check out our video playlist here.

What has your experience been with wearing your child?

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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