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3 Ways We Use Breastfeeding To Fight Ear Infections

3 Ways We Use Breastfeeding To Fight Ear Infections | DommiesBlessed

According to their pediatrician, infant ear infections occur because their ear canals are not fully developed. When the girls get sick, mucous gets stuck in their ear canal instead of draining out. As the mucous sits - it collects, becomes painful and creates other problems.

Here are three ways our family uses breastfeeding to fight ear infections.

1. Massage Temples

If you are nursing a sick, mucousy baby, be sure to massage their temples. This will help the mucous work it’s way down.

Nursing is the best time for these massages, because we nurse throughout the day, the baby is close and it’s a soothing touch and way to connect while the baby is on the breast.

Be gentle and work in a circular motion. This is a great way to prevent ear infections. If baby likes it, it’s working.

If baby, shoves your hand away, it may be a sign of a painful ear infection.

2. Sleep Slanted

Ear infections tend to be more painful during the night. I remember our toddler screaming out in pain and not being able to lay down. According to their pediatrician, laying down makes the ear infection more painful because the liquid is just sitting there. When baby doesn’t get sleep, neither does mom.

Without rest, the body isn’t able to heal itself. So find a pillow, something so that baby can sleep in a slanted position, where her/his head is elevated.

3. Breastmilk In The Ears

Ear infections can cause fevers, because the body is heating up to kill the intruders.

Our pediatricians always prescribed antibiotics - which kill everything, even the good bacteria.

We tried an antibiotic on our youngest and she broke out in a serious rash. Not only that, the medication was not working, so the pain intensified and her symptoms got worse.

They prescribed me another antibiotic, but I decided to try breastmilk and it worked.

Signs of An Ear Infection include…


Rubbing of Ear

Unexplained Crankiness

Restlessness at Night or When In a Lying Position

Ear Infections can be dangerous, so definitely get them checked out. If you would like some motherly advice, feel free to contact me here.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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