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6 Ways We Homeschool Without A Home

6 Ways To Homeschool Without A Home | DommiesBlessed

We moved six times in three years. Which means, our home was repeatedly taken a part and put back together. Despite our frequent transitions, this is how we homeschool without an organized physical space.

1. Life Is Our Classroom

While some homeschoolers have their home set up as a traditional classroom, our children are students of life. White boards, and flashcards are helpful, but car games and street signs are also fun and just as effective.

2. Less Is More

For a while I was spending so much time organizing our stuff, that it took away from their learning. With multiple moves, we were forced to downsize - allowing us more time to explore the outdoors.

3. Emotional Development

I’m not sure what the girls get out of the actual moving process. I hope they witness my stress management, project management, team work and more life skills that will prepare them for future transitions in their lives.

4. Use Natural Resources

I’ve learned to exhaust the heck out of our resources. For example, if we only have one book. We master that book by rereading it over and over again. Going over the letter sounds, the words. Asking questions about their favorite part and characters. Drawing pictures from the book. Just trying to master that one resource.

5. Grow Our Village

Because our approach to homeschooling involves building a local community, as we move we continue to meet more families that welcome us into their homes, lives and ultimately grow our village.

6. Recreate Home

Although moving this frequently isn't something I would recommend. It has made me reflect on what is home and making sure we create that for our girls. For me, home is good food surrounded by loved ones. And we've been blessed to have been welcomed into many homes.

I'd love to know, what is home to you? Have you had to move with homeschoolers? How was the transition for you? for your children?

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


Looking to downsize and donate: Vietnam Veterans of America and Savers

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