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5 Tips For Pregnant Moms Considering Breastfeeding

5 Tips For Pregnant Moms Considering Breastfeeding | DommiiesBlessed

While I didn’t need a lot of fancy equipment to breastfeed, there are some simple tips I wish I had known.

Drink Loads Of Water

I found my water intake to be way more important than the actual food I ate.

What do I mean? The first few days I did not eat. Many days I chose a nap over getting up to cook something. When I drank water I immediately noticed an increase in my milk supply.

So I recommend getting a nice water bottle and getting in the habit of drinking loads of water. I shoot for a little more than half my weight in ounces. I know when I am drinking enough because my urine is clear.

Find Local Breastfeeding Group

This group of women not only serves as a support in your nursing journey, they may become you and your child’s new life long friends and play mates.

Tell Everyone your Plan

Make sure your family and anyone else attending the birth knows your plan to breastfeed, so that they keep baby on you and near you.

The initial latch will set the tone for the rest of the latches and an overall less painful breastfeeding experience. Baby needs to be left skin-to-skin and will latch on his or her own when they are ready.

Do Not Wipe Newborn's Hands

I recently learned about the amniotic fluid on the hand helping the baby find their mother’s milk. While, I can not vouch for the science behind it, in my experience, our first daughter was wiped down at the hospital and she had a very difficult time finding her way to the milk. Our second daughter was left untouched, and easily made her way to the breast.

Start Eating Healthy Now

When I was pregnant I definitely had the most unhealthy diet — like eating cake for breakfast. It was terrible, but I did what I had to do to keep the nausea down. My only saving grace was finding one healthy food I could stomach. For me, it was watermelon and we ate so much of it.

While I loved fruit, I was still missing hearty and nutritious balanced meals. Which led me to snack and develop more unhealthy eating habits. Since breastfeeding takes most nutrients for our little one, I felt exhausted and depleted most of the time. I highly recommend figuring out what healthy foods are convenient and accessible, so that breastfeeding will not be as draining.

That’s it. Happy Breastfeeding!

Peace & Love,


First time breastfeeding and have a few questions? You can send me an email or book an appointment to chat.

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