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4 Ways To Naturally Heal Damaged Nipples

I recently discovered that while discomfort during breastfeeding is common in the first few weeks, it is not normal (What To Do About Nipple Pain. Global Health Media Project, 2015).

My first time nursing, I almost gave up. Not only was it extremely painful, but my nipples were cracked, bleeding, pussing and scabbing over. And none of that stopped our infant from wanting to nurse. She nursed right through the blood and dead skin giving me no relief.

Damaged nipples can lead to infection causing problems in your nursing journey. They can also discourage a mom from nursing due to the excruciating pain.

Thankfully, we have amazing bodies that can heal themselves pretty quickly with proper care. Here's how to heal damaged nipples...

1. Fresh Air

If possible, stay home and leave breast uncovered. If you have to go out, the least amount of layers is best - thus, I preferred thin layers and/or being braless

2. Breast Milk

Express some milk from your breast and let it dry on the sores. Breast milk naturally heals and is better than any man-made product.

3. Nurse From Other Breast

If possible let baby nurse from the other breast. Although, baby may want to feed from the damaged nipple, try and encourage baby to nurse from the other side. If both nipples are damaged -- see if you can stretch out feedings so that there is more healing time in between each session.

4. Latch Properly

This video has an excellent tutorial on how to properly latch the baby so that less damage is done and nipples can heal quickly.

Did you experience cracked nipples? What are ways you healed them? If you have damaged nipples now -- please watch this video and know it gets better. Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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