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7 Mishaps When Baby Falls Asleep On The Breast

While there are so many benefits to night nursing, here are some mishaps ...

1. Unconscious Biting

Our children clamp their mouth’s shut when they sleep. I’ve experienced toothless bites, emerging teeth bites and the mouth full of teeth bites. While each equally hurts, none of them broke the skin (luckily).

2. Milk Teeth Issues

On our personal journey, breastmilk would pool in our babies' mouths as they pacified throughout the night. Some assume the natural sugars in breastmilk can wreak havoc on baby teeth. Other research states baby teeth soaked in breastmilk is similar to baby teeth soaked in water. Plus, night milk specifically has sleep hormones that help our little ones get the best rest. While I'm not entirely sure of the answer to milk teeth concerns in breastfed children, I know I'm not the only one.

3. Unable to Toss and Turn

For me, shifting positions in my sleep prevents cramping. But the luxury of tossing and turning becomes slightly more complicated when their is another human attached to your body. My husband claimed I would body slam the girls in the middle of the night because I literally had to pick them up and put them on the other side of my body.

4. Waking Throughout The Night

My children follow me even in their sleep. If they wake and that nipple is not in their mouth — they will come and find it (even with their eyes closed). Which means I am frequently awakened by a snacking child.

5. Milk-Induced Sleep

It's ideal to sleep when baby sleeps. Which is why the baby's powerful suckle was magically designed to knock-out both mom and baby. If this happens in an unsafe location (like on a couch), it's best to move to a spacious flat surface (like your bed) when you feel the drowsiness come on. That way there is plenty of room for everyone.

6. Crowded Bed

Our marital bed ultimately transitioned to a family bed. And my husband often chose to sleep elsewhere for fear of rolling on the kids.

7. Falling Out Of The Bed

For a peaceful rest, I found the bed to be the safest space for us to nap and sleep. Sleeping horizontally (instead of vertically) provides added protection against falling out of the bed. We also used a maternity pillow as a barrier between the edge of the bed and the floor. Lastly, we put our mattress directly on the floor when the babies were super young.

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Our children are divinely-designed to fall asleep holding the softest, warmest, most natural cushion (the breast). The physical comfort complimented with mommy's sweet smell, rhythmic breaths and heart beat create the perfect sleep atmosphere for our little ones. And being aware of the mishaps helps us honor that precious time.

Do you have any stories of baby falling asleep on the breast? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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