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2 Teeth Lost, Many Life Lessons

2 Teeth Lost, Many Life Lessons

Our newly turned six year old has lost two teeth thus far. This is how we turned this exciting life event into homeschool lessons.


After losing her first teeth, we reserved as many children’s book we could find about them. The books talked about baby teeth, adult teeth, the anatomy of teeth, animal teeth, and more. We read them repeatedly over the course of a month.


I really like the series “How the body works” with Chloe and the Nerve. Here is the tooth episode which goes in-depth about the different types of teeth and what they do.


After explaining that her milk teeth are gone and now she will have permanent teeth, I had to explain the importance of taking care of them. We did a science experiment with hard-boiled eggs (representing her teeth) and natural dyes - lemon juice, beet juice, tea, coffee and other liquids of her choice (representing the foods we eat). She made predictions and we let the eggs sit to see what would happen if she didn't care for her teeth.

Our Relationship

So I have not nursed our six year old since she was three, but I definitely had urges a couple of times when she was badly hurt. Her losing her milk teeth signifies not only her entering a different stage in her life, but us entering a new phase in our relationship.


She was so proud to lose her baby teeth — she told and showed everyone. In "I Lost My Tooth In Africa," the little girl is gifted a chicken after losing her tooth. It was cool to see how this character took pride in feeding, nurturing and caring for her new blessing (the chicken).

Our six year old wasn’t gifted a chicken, but she has been excited and very serious about caring for her new blessing (her adult teeth).

How did you talk to your children about losing their teeth?

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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