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Two Sisters With 2 Different Textures

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It’s amazing how two girls can come from the same gene pool and end up with completely different hair types. Our five year-old has sparse, fine, tight coils. While our two year-old has thick, dense, loose curls. While being in charge of two beautiful tresses, plus my own, I’ve found these three tips help keep our hair routines simple and stress-free.

1. Same Products

While they have different textures and hair densities, I am still able to use the same products. Our eldest daughter uses more product because her strands are thirstier, while our youngest uses less.

2. Same Styles

For the most part, I do the same styles on both heads. It keeps me from having to be creative every time I do their hair. Plus, our youngest loves looking identical to her older sister.

3. Same Routines

I find keeping their wash days and daily grooming the same creates a predictable routine. This was especially helpful when our the girls were younger and did not like getting their hair done daily. Now they both know what to expect.

Are there different textures in your home? How do you manage? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

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