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3 Unusual Uses for Breastmilk

Made for us, by us, expressed milk is another way our miraculous bodies are able to heal themselves. In my utopia, the best solution to every problem would be to shower breast milk on it. Here are three unusual ways we use breast milk in our family.

sisters doctoring boo boos

Ear infections

Their pediatricians frequently recommend antibiotics for the dreaded and painful ear infections. I cringe at man-made products, especially on our tiny babies. Instead, I would express two droplets of breastmilk directly in their ears 3 to 4 times a day (usually after they nursed). It's natural (no side effects) and worked every time.


When I first started nursing, my nipples cracked, pussed, bled and were very painful. In an effort to continue nursing, I didn’t want to put anything on the breast that tasted nasty, would discourage nursing or was ultimately harmful to our baby. With very clean hands, I expressed milk from my breasts, and dabbed onto my nipples. Again, I would do this immediately following nursing, multiple times a day. Without breastmilk and lanolin cream - I doubt I would have survived those first few weeks.

Eye infection

I got a couple of eye infections from using a certain make-up line. My eye was inflamed and pussy. Again, I thoroughly washed my hands, expressed milk into a sanitized cup, and dripped into my eyes.

What are some issues breast milk has cured in your life?

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