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Finding The Perfect Milk (for Breastfed Toddlers)

toddler drinking milk

Our two year old was on a mostly liquid diet (her choice not mine). There were days she ate a full meal and there are times she barely ate anything. Forcing a child during meal times, is not a fight I want to have. She’s never lost weight (not even after birth) so I wasn't concerned. She still prefers breastmilk, water, a little juice and more milk.

We went through stages of her trying different types. Here is how we found the perfect one.

Hospital Recommendation

Per her pediatrician’s request, I began introducing her to different milks around one years old. The hospitals recommend cow milk (which I do not think is the healthiest choice), but I largely let our children make their own decisions especially when it comes to their bodies. And at one, she definitely did not like it.

Family’s Pick

Whether it’s goat milk, cow milk, coconut milk, or rice milk - this opaque white substance is expensive and I wasn’t trying to spend copious amounts of money on different types - only to have our child refuse it.

Since our family drinks almond milk, which consists of nuts, sugar and water, I thought she would prefer the sweet and watery taste that resembled the breast. She liked it warm and drank it for a while.


We frequent a friend's house and her toddler was drinking cow milk. Our daughter had a taste and fell in love. Now when we go shopping she blurts out, “Cow milk, Mommy I want cow milk!"

Of course, I felt like a horrible mother, because I had tried cow milk previously and she disliked it. However, I noticed as the girls grow, so do their body's needs.

She Knows What Her Body Needs

I was and still am slightly surprised by her milk choice. But now that I think about it - it makes sense. She went from a thinner milk to a more thicker consistency. Maybe it feels better on her tummy - who knows. I truly trust that she knows what her body needs.

She’s Happy

Our child wakes and sleeps to cow milk now. She even does a little dance when I’m pouring it into her sippy cup. She also likes it cold - which is even better — no heating and having to wait or worry about toxins from the microwave.

Plus, I’m happy when she is happy, because it means she is well-fed and satisfied. Trust me, if she wasn’t she would let me know.

Until next time…Happy Feeding!!

Peace & Love


Our Milk Choices: Whole Milk, Almond Milk

Best Sippy Cup: Take & Toss

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