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4 Reasons It's Essential To Breastfeed In Public

4 Reasons It's Essential To Breastfeed In Public | DommiesBlessed

If our child starts pulling at my shirt and we are in public, I nurse her. Sometimes I am embarrassed, sometimes I am not. Nevertheless, here are four reasons, it’s vital to nurse in public.

1. Eating Is Social

Great food brings people together and is the center of most great events. Therefore, making meal times (for mom and baby) private just doesn't feel right.

2. Inspire Others

After seeing me nurse, a few womyn have said I encouraged them to continue breastfeeding. Similarly, I've been stopped by elders who were surprised but impressed that I was not using a bottle.

3. Educate Next Generation

Children's first exposure to breast should not be as sexual objects. In order for us to really normalize breastfeeding, we have to ensure the next generation grows up knowing what breasts were created for.

4. Put Baby's Needs First

Most of our decisions in life are now driven by our children. Despite criticism and/or social pressures, I want our children to see that we put their needs before others' discomforts. I'm confident there will be future situations where people do not agree with our child-rearing practices, so I'm starting early with standing firm in my beliefs and putting their needs first.

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Happy Nursing!


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