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3 Reasons I Stopped Breastfeeding Our 3 Year Old

By time our eldest daughter reached three years old, she was still nursing. There were days she skipped, but if she was tired or hurt, she asked for the breast. I still feel slightly guilty that I forced her to stop. Here are the three things that lead to forced weaning.

1. I Could Feel Her

I was pregnant and had a nursing toddler at the time. My breasts were super tender, so not only did it hurt when she latched, I could feel her teeth scraping when she sucked. Although I winced in pain every time she nursed, I was committed to allowing her to self-wean. A fellow mom told me my milk would change its taste around 5 months causing our daughter to stop on her own - it never did and she never stopped.

2. Tandem Nursing Was Uncomfortable

Every time I nursed our newborn, our three year old wanted the breast too. It was one of the first experiences the girls shared. It was also one of the ways our eldest daughter pumped milk for her baby sister. I felt helpless laying on the couch with two bodies hanging from me. And laying in bed on my back while they both tried to nurse from my small stretched breasts was extremely uncomfortable. So I began telling her "no."

3. Uncomfortable Exposing Breasts In Public

I’m a discrete nurser, which means when the girls nurse my breasts are usually covered. The idea of having both of my breasts exposed in public made me feel uncomfortably vulnerable.

While I’m happy we were able to nurse for a few years, I do not feel completely at peace that our then-three-year-old stopped on my terms.

3 Reasons I Stopped Breastfeeding Our 3 Year Old | DommiesBlessed

Did you feel guilty during your weaning process?

Until next time.

Peace & Love


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