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7 Physical Changes Breastfeeding Breasts Go Through

I am very proud of my breasts. They have gone through some serious transformations in order to be amazing sources of life for our babies.

Here are 7 physical changes my breastfeeding breasts went through:

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1. Cracked Nipples

I experienced cracked, pussy, bloody nipples the first few weeks of nursing. Despite seeing multiple lactation consultants, I was still having trouble with our daughter's latch. She was not properly attached to the breast which caused the scabbing and nipple damage.

Solution: Wash your hands, express some milk from your other nipple and put the breastmilk on your damaged nipple. They magically heal themselves.

2. Scars On Breasts

To get a better milk flow, our baby would pump the milk by massaging my breasts. Her nails were tiny and very sharp, so every time she kneaded my breasts, I would get these small cuts. My mom thought I had a bad case of chest acne, but they were just baby scratches.

Solution: File baby's nails to avoid new cuts. Use some shea butter to help skin repair itself and natural sun to fade the scars.

3. Stretch Marks

During engorgement the skin on my breasts pulled so tight they felt like they were going to rip. I now have light stretch marks.

Solution: Drink plenty of water to keep skin on breasts hydrated from the inside out. Use natural sun to fade stretch marks.

4. Elongated Nipples

From years of suckling my nipples are super long and sometimes get caught on things.

Solution: Embrace them! I've heard they return to normal after nursing.

5. Saggy Breasts

My breasts sag from the constant inflating and deflating.

Solution: I've started working out, which has helped my breast look firmer and more upright.

6. Bumpy Nipples

There was a period where my nipples looked like blackberries - there were raised bumps on every side.

Solution: They went away on their own. They are allegedly called Montgomery glands and secrete oil to keep nipples moisturized.

7. Numb Nipples

I wouldn't say they are completely numb, but they have toughened from years of pulling and biting.

Solution: I'm not worried about it. They still deliver milk to our child - so I'm happy.

What changes have your breast gone through?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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