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7 Reasons Our Homeschool Family Bought A Double Stroller

My plan was to continue baby wearing (strapping the girls to my body with a piece of cloth). Surprisingly, our youngest did not like the wrap, so I needed to find another way to carry both girls. I don’t regret making this purchase, because it ended up being a great investment. Here’s why…

1. Fast & Happy

Walking is definitely healthier for them, but long distances made them cranky and me miserable. Using the stroller makes everyone happy.

2. Easier

Sad to say, it’s easier to push the girls around than it is to carry them. After our youngest was born, I did little to strengthen my ab and back muscles, so carrying an extra 40 to 60 pounds was exhausting.

our city mini double stroller

3. Less Interrupted Naps

Since the girls are three years apart they are on completely different sleep schedules. It was near impossible to run errands without disturbing one of their nap times. The stroller seats recline so the girls are able to sleep comfortably while I rolled them around and got things done.

4. Easier To Transfer

The baby is less likely to wake up when transferred from a stroller to the car seat and vice versa. While baby wearing, the girls hated getting disturbed from a warm and cuddly position.

5. Equal Treatment

As soon as I picked up one, the other wanted the same. I felt less guilty and they were less jealous when they both rode in the stroller.

6. Fun

The girls really enjoy riding around in this big toy.

7. Peace Of Mind

I always want my children to be comfortable. I also need to be mobile and get things done. The stroller allowed me to do both while keeping everyone comfortable and happy.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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