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It Takes A Village: Who Is In Ours?

I never fully understood the African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child,” until I had children of my own. Exposing our girls to different perspectives, lifestyles, and a loving and supportive network has made our lives so much richer. I’m extremely grateful for the people who bless our family with laughter, authentic conversations and their mere presence. Here are the great people who make up our village:

1. Grandparents and Adopted Grandparents

My children have so many elders in their lives. All of them are not blood related - but they enjoy feeding, teaching and being with our girls. They also give me some invaluable life lessons and help me develop as a parent.

2. Other Moms

There is nothing like having a person I can relate to who is going through a similar experience at the same time. When talking with other moms, I love feeling connected to candid stories of motherhood, like dealing with a child’s crush.

3. Powerful Womyn

I am always trying to be a better version of myself. I get a lot of inspiration by surrounding myself with powerful womyn that do amazing work in their communities, professions and lives. Some of these womyn I have the honor of spending time with. Others, I have never met, but get to know them through books, interviews and their impact.

4. Great Kids

All of my children’s friends are super impressive, respectful and kind geniuses. I learn so much from watching these little people and am honored they have close friendships with our girls.

5. Community Members

Our children don’t just see different professionals, we are involved in their lives providing our children with a richer experience of the community we live in. I hope our children will understand the impact each character has and gradually discover their own purpose.

6. Family

Maintaining strong families ties is important to me and can only be done by spending quality time. Our family has been extremely supportive and it is essential that our children have several adults they can turn to. I have also noticed similar personalities, behaviors and medical trends between our children and their relatives. It's so helpful to be able to hear what has worked and doesn't work with people who share our genes.

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