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10 Breastfeeding Myths Clarified

Based on my five years of nursing, here's how I would clarify some myths.

Myth 1: Nursing Mothers Can’t Get Pregnant

I was still nursing our 2 year old when we conceived another child.

Myth 2: Breastfeeding Mothers Have Ample Milk

I’ve had a pretty low supply most of the time I nursed. By low, I probably would need both breasts to fill a 5 ounce bottle.

Myth 3: Babies Only Need Breastmilk

Breastmilk is a vital part of their diet, but because I have a low supply, we incorporated cereals, soft fruit and other foods around 5 months.

Myth 4: Breastfeeding Helps You Lose Pregnancy Weight

My food cravings while nursing are just as strong as my cravings during pregnancy. I am still eating large quantities of food because I am technically still eating for two and needing to replenish what she is taking.

Myth 5: Mothers Are Aroused When Nursing Their Babies

Nope! I was very disturbed by this comment, but there is no sexual arousal when I nurse my children.

Myth 6: Milk Flavor Changes During Pregnancy

My nipples were painfully tender during pregnancy, and I was excited to hear our toddler would self-wean once my milk's taste changed. Our 2 year old was not bothered by the flavor change or did not notice, because she nursed all the way up to the baby's birth.

Myth 7: Tandem Nursing Is Beautiful

I found tandem nursing to be quite stressful. While it was sweet and helpful in the beginning (to help our newborn pump the milk), it became quite depressing having two children suck from me.

Myth 8: Once Baby Gets Teeth They Will Bite

Our girls have accidentally bit my nipples a few times (usually when they fall asleep with the breast in their mouth). While I know some babies who bit their mothers for fun, this was not my experience. I also could not see myself not nursing my 4/5 month old (the age they received their first teeth).

Myth 9: Children Who Breastfeed Rarely Get Sick

My children definitely caught commons colds, got runny noses, and a couple of fevers. They are pretty healthy and get sick far less often than their peers. They also do not have any severe allergies or chronic conditions.

Myth 10: Nursing Babies Eat Constantly

When my girls latch, they aren’t just eating. They attach to me for comfort when they are sleepy, bored, overstimulated, scared, need love and more.

That's it.

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