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3 Reasons I Recommend Pre-Marital Counseling

I was very reluctant to go through premarital counseling, because I assumed it was for troubled partnerships. I'm so thankful we did it, here's why....

1. Explore The Meaning Of Marriage

I had no idea what marriage was. I understood the idea of romantically spending the rest of my life with someone, but I didn’t know what that actually meant. I left our sessions asking myself questions that never previously crossed my mind, such as, our union’s significance on our personal lives, its impact on our families, community and future generations.

2. Strengthen Foundation

We discussed our past, present and futures. Having deep conversations in the presence of another married couple gave us no choice but to grow during this process.

3. Mental Transition Into Wifedom

We lived together, I was pregnant, what else would marriage bring? During premarital counseling, we explored questions (such as our roles and what we each brought to the table) which was difficult, yet productive. We even had homework such as reading articles and reflective journaling. The entire process was an enlightening experience and helped me to mentally transition from single womyn to wife.

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