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8 Essential Characteristics of Our Double Stroller

There are so many choices for double strollers nowadays. It didn't take much for me to decide on the perfect stroller for our family, because this investment came highly recommended by a friend. Here is what I needed and wanted in our tandem stroller:

city mini double stroller

1. Light weight

I needed a stroller that I could easily lift and pack in the trunk. I didn't want a piece of equipment that I dreaded lifting daily.

2. Folds Flat

I needed a stroller that would fit into a smaller vehicle.

3. Side-by-Side

I have used a front-to-back stroller and found that the weight distribution (i.e. heavier child in front) makes it more difficult to steer. I can also foresee fights over who would sit in which seat. In the side-by-side I can see and access both of them, they can see each other, share snacks, hold hands, and much more.

4. Less Storage

There is only a small space for storage which I initially thought would be a problem. However, it forced me to pack light. I also attached a mom-clip to the handlebars (not recommended), if I need to bring more things.

5. Sleeper

I largely depend on this stroller for transporting them when they are tired. This stroller reclines so that they can nap comfortably.

6. Easy maneuvering

I love the way this stroller glides. I had a stroller that was stiff when it was empty and I can not imagine adding 40 pounds and then moving it. Our five year old is getting a little heavy, but it is still easier to push than any other stroller I have encountered.

7. Fits standard doors

It is already a struggle getting through a door with a stroller. I could not imagine having to open two doors. This stroller can also easily fit into small elevators, public buses, airport lines, and narrow sidewalks (to name a few).

8. Grows With Our Child

This stroller can be used for a newborn and is still convenient for our five year old.

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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