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5 Ways I Maintain Healthy Glowing Skin

Not wearing foundation was one of the many changes I made once I gave birth to a little girl. I did not want her to see me in the mirror everyday drawing what I thought was more beautiful, because I knew she too would do the same. Instead, I was working on loving my bare self and maintaining my skin’s health. After all, “your skin is your best accessory” (Hamamat). Here are 5 ways I maintain healthy glowing skin.

1. Hydrate Daily

Water gives life. After my morning shower my skin is supple and moist. While I use soap to cleanse my body, I only use water and a rag for my face. I can do at a better job at hydrating from the inside by drinking a lot more water.

2. Shea Butter

Shea butter is full of skin-loving vitamins that have sooo many benefits. It melts to my body temperature and immediately makes my skin look vibrant and well-nourished. Shea butter protects us from the cold in the winter and serves as a layer of protection against the direct summer sun. Most importantly, it’s from Mother Earth — you can’t get better that that.

3. Olive Oil

I use olive oil on my body because it makes my skin glow. The golden tint compliments my complexion and undertones.

4. Avoid Irritants

I stay in tuned with my body and notice what my skin doesn’t like: soda, chocolate and some conditioners are definitely on the list. Since these substances irritate my skin which serves to protect my organs, I can’t imagine what they are doing internally. If it doesn’t look good on the outside, it definitely isn’t good for the inside.

5. Sun

I love the sun, it is soooo good for us physically and emotionally! It evens out my skin tone and richens my complexion.

That’s it. I keep it simple!!

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