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9 Of My Trunk Must-Haves

Something always comes up when traveling with our girls. Keeping our trunk stocked allows us to travel light, while having all of our essentials in case of an emergency. Here is a list of our must-haves

1. A Cup/Bowl

We use this for bathroom emergencies. If the baby is sleeping, our daughter can't hold it and there is no clean bathroom in sight - we use a bowl ! It's easier to not pee on clothes if there is something to catch the urine.

2. Change of Clothes

I have at least two change of clothes for each. If they have an accident; If we have an impromptu sleep over; or if we bump into a water activity (which most definitely means they will get soaked) -- we are always prepared for any circumstance.

3. Diapers

I stopped carrying a diaper bag when we switched to disposable diapers. Now I carry a few diapers in the trunk.

4. Wipes

Wipes are essential for diaper changes. We also use them for cleaning hands before snack, wiping boogies off the face, cleaning up messes, sharing with friends - wipes always come in handy.

5. Emergency Snacks

I keep boxed goods in the car, so that we always have food. I pack fresh fruits each day, but in the event I forget to pack snacks we always have crackers, cereal and some sort of carb in the trunk. Sugar (fruit) and carbs provide enough fuel to keep these girls energized all day long.

6. First Aid Kit

I don't need a whole kit, just a few bandages for any scrapes and cuts. These aren't really mandatory, because cuts and scrapes naturally heal on their own. However, our daughter got to a certain age where kissing her boo boo did nothing. Even if there was no blood, it needed to be covered and out of her sight. So now I make sure we always have bandages so that my child is not traumatized from a fall. It also feels good when another parent is going through a boo boo crisis and you can potentially rescue them and their child by giving them a bandage.

7. Trash Bags

A roll came with one of our baby shower gifts. They take up very little space and are nice to have for stinky diapers and trash.

Our double stroller has made my life easier on so many occasions. I keep it in the car for that reason and because the girls love it!

9. Blankets

I keep two light-weight but warm blankets in the car for stroller walks on a chilly day and when the girls want to be bundled tight before a nap.

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