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5 Reasons I Recommend A Double Stroller

People often do a double take and ask “do you have twins?” when they see me pushing my double stroller. No I don’t have twins, in fact our children are three years apart.

So why do I have a tandem stroller?

1. Baby Does Not Like The Carrier

city mini double stroller

I happily wore our first until she was 3 years old. She loved it, so of course when I got pregnant again, I did not want to lug around a stroller and did not think we needed one. Boy was I wrong…the baby hated being in the carrier. In fact, she would wiggle herself loose, which was very dangerous, so I needed to purchase a stroller.

2. Different Sleep Schedules

Our children are three years apart and therefore on very different sleep schedules. Newborns sleep almost constantly with so many naps during the day, it's hard to count. By time our daughter reached one years old, she had two to three scheduled naps a day. Now that our youngest is two years old, she usually has one nap in the middle of the day, while we are out. Having the tandem stroller ensures that she can sleep comfortably and we can still be on the move.

3. It’s Fun

I know, 5 year olds are too old to be in a stroller, but she loves it! My end goal is to make sure our children have happy fun lives, and stroller rides are amongst one of her favorite things to do.

4. Makes Exercising Easier

If I just want to go for a stroll on the beach or hike a hill, the girls are always happy to go for a ride.

5. A Great Investment

My stroller was almost $700 (I know pricey), but I wanted to buy one that was comfortable and easy to steer. Plus, I am paying for my sanity (and I can't put a price tag on that). If it weren't for the stroller I'd be stuck in the house while they napped; carrying a 20-plus pound napless and cranky child; or even worse, walking at the pace of an easily distractible toddler while trying to get things done.

In the end we love our double stroller, because it makes our day-to-day activities fun and go much smoother.

Peace & Love,


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