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5 Reasons Window Shopping Is Fun For The Whole Family

Is it cold and wet outside? Want to do something for free? Here are three reasons why we love window shopping.

1. No clean up

Our girls love playing with toys all day without having to clean them up. Most of the toys are in boxes, so the girls are content with just looking at them.

2. Experience the Toy Without Cluttering Our Home

Our two year-old loves sitting in the Power Wheels (battery-operated riding toy). There are also bikes, train sets and legos, that they can play with and try out.

3. No Pressure To Buy

Before entering, I simply tell the girls we can not buy anything - I know it sounds cruel, but they honestly don’t mind. I guess they feel fulfilled after being able to explore and touch any toy they want for hours!

4. I’m Happy When They Are Happy

I feel like I am winning anytime I find something that holds the girls attention for more than an hour. While they shop, I am able to relax.

5. There are Stores Everywhere

Because we live in a consumer society, there are stores everywhere and most stores have a toy section. Whenever I have time to kill between our activities, or I just need a break, I bring them to a store -- and that they can easily spend all day there.

5 Reasons Window Shopping Is Fun For The Whole Family | DommiesBlessed

Windowing shopping is fun for us, but I wouldn’t recommend it for all children. For example, those who may not understand that they can not open the toys, or those that would cry if they left the store empty-handed. If it isn’t a pleasurable experience, I wouldn’t do it.

How about you? Does your family enjoy window shopping? What type of stores do you frequent? Clothing, toys, furniture?

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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