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Just One Of Those Days: 10 Ways I Cope With Stress

Today was a somewhat stressful day, mainly because I wanted to take it off and my kids don't know what that means. Most of our days are truly fun and exciting, but my bad days are so crippling. Here are some of the good and not-so-good ways I deal with stress.

1. Overthink

I internalize a lot and end up spending too much time in my head.

2. Eat

If I'm stressed about something I want to do and am having trouble doing it, I resort to eating. Why? Because eating is something I KNOW I can do. I hear some people forget to eat when they are stressed (it must be nice having that problem). Not me! I eat any and everything and my body feels sluggish and terrible the next day.

3. Sleep

I try to sleep, but usually that doesn't happen, so I just lay in bed. Again, that usually doesn't last because my daughters will need my help or want to show me something.

4. Stay In

The sun and fresh air are so important for my mental health, but some days I feel so paralyzed I can't get three persons ready (which adds to my stress).

5. Take It Out On My Kids

I get stressed because I feel like things are out of my control. When I take it out on my kids it may look like, “didn’t I tell you to put on your socks!?!” Basically, I start to nitpick at things I told them to do and they have not done, in order to feel like I have some control in my life. Of course, displacing my frustration onto my children is terrible, so I then try to deal with my stress in healthier ways.

Just One Of Those Days: 10 Ways I Cope With Stress | DommiesBlessed

6. Hang out with Family

Being surrounded by love always makes me feel good. If I don't tell them what is wrong, I still love being in their presence or hearing about their lives. If I am able to vent, I feel relieved and often encouraged by my family's feedback.

7. Watch Inspirational/Funny Videos

Laughing or gaining knowledge feeds me positive energy.

8. Read A Book

This always helps - reading replaces the negative thoughts in my head.

9. Journaling

The act of physically moving my thoughts from my head through the pen to my paper helps alleviate my stress.

10. Go For A Run

Yeah Right!! I wish stress made me want to exercise. I know exercise is a great stress reliever, but I'm not there yet.

How about you? What ways do you deal with stress that you are proud of?

Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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