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6 Reasons My Transition To Housewife & Stay-At-Home Mom Was Difficult

1. My Husband’s Expectations Were Different Than Mine

I had no idea I was supposed to cook and clean. Before having our child, he cooked most of the time and I cleaned. Actually I think we both kind of did our own thing. I thought I was just supposed to love and nurture our child - boy was I wrong!

2 . I Needed Help

It was exhausting entertaining and caring for a baby. Never mind having to cook, clean and do laundry.

3. Struggle with Self-Worth

I wasn’t contributing to my home or society (or at least I thought I wasn't). Mentally, I was really struggling with my purpose in life. I could not see the value in staying home with a child who couldn’t walk, feed themselves or talk back.

4. Too Much Time Alone With No Schedule

This was my first child and no one I knew was a stay-at-home mother. I had no idea what to do with this baby all day. It was just her and I. She was probably bored which led to her being cranky, which made me miserable.

5. Postpartum Depression

Because I felt worthless and had so much time on my hands, each day my mind had nothing better to do than wander. I had very negative, life threatening thoughts that were so numbing there were times I could not get out of the bed. I’m thankful the Lord brought us out.

6. Husband Worked All Day

Now that we were dependent on one income I think my husband started to work more. Actually he always worked as many hours as he could, but now his absence bothered me.

If this is you. Just know it gets better. One thing that really helped us was creating a village. Can you relate?

Until next time...

Peace & Love,


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