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Why I Stopped Putting Beads In Our Daughters' Hair?

3 year old girl with colorful beads drinking water from a cup

I love the way beads sound and look on little girls, so I hope our experience doesn't stop you from using them. I just wanted to share why beads haven't worked in our home...

1. Beading Takes Too Long

The process of parting, detangling and braiding takes too long for the girls (they're currently 3 and 6). Beading extended that time. Which means, my girls were constantly complaining about how slow I was. If braiding their hair took an hour -- adding beads turned that hour into an hour and a half.

How long does it take you to do your child's hair?

  • 0-1 hour

  • 1-2 hours

  • 2+ hours

2. They're Too Heavy

Beads weighed down their hair, which I felt was unhealthy for their scalp. I tried making the braids thicker, but they were too thick to get through the bead hole. So I tried using fewer beads (like four per braid), but I didn't like how that looked. I ultimately felt their hair type was too fragile for the accessory.

3. Beads Were Too Rough On The Ends

I secure the beads with rubber bands and while there are ways to minimize breakage from rubber bands, we just prefer to leave their ends free.

4. They're Uncomfortable To Sleep On

Beads are slightly annoying to sleep on. They're hard, noisy and fall on your face. The best way we discovered to sleep with beads is to wear a kid-sized bonnet, or to gather the braids into a pony tail. That way they are in one neat pile and won't disturb your little one throughout the night.

5. I Needed To Declutter

I know you're probably thinking, "it's just beads." But those small pieces of plastic were just one more thing I needed to keep track of and organized. Becoming a mom changed my life in sooo many ways. I just wanted to have the least amount of clutter, so that I could focus on what I felt was more important. So if you're an organized mom that doesn't struggle with having too much stuff - definitely give beads a try.

In our home, the process of braiding takes long enough. I wanted our girls to enjoy hair time and not be frustrated by it. So the girls and I are perfectly fine without the extra step of accessorizing. Plus, their hair looks absolutely beautiful simply styled.

I love these black bands, they are stretchy, curl-friendly and can be used in any style. Here are bantu knots...

Two little girls hugging and wearing simple african american hair style bantu knots

Here's a bun...

6 year old wearing a top knot with a blue denim shirt

These are chunky twists ...

5 year old sitting in the grass wearing four chunky twists

And of course beadless braids ...

4 year old homeschooler wearing plaits standing in front of a white fence

As with many mothering decisions, it wasn't just one thing that led us to stop using beads. It was a combination of reasons, including the fact that I needed to live life more simply. Have you found beads to be too harsh or overwhelming for your family? What's the go-to accessory in your home?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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