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What Is The Biggest “Aha” Moment You Had While Homeschooling?

I was talking to a Brazillian Au Pair at my daughter’s gymnastics class and was amazed at how fluently she spoke English.

I asked her, “what are your secrets to learning a new language?”

She told me she prefers to learn from children. She said when adults teach, they are less forgiving.

However, children make learning fun and are not upset when they have to repeat themselves over and over again. They encourage you to try new words, sounds and sentences. They delight in the fact that they are able to teach you and you are willing to learn from them. They view it as a game and a way to meaningfully connect with you.

Speaking to this Au Pair made me realize I was teaching our 6 year-old all wrong.

Even though I was not giving her actual tests, I was constantly testing her knowledge and in the process making her feel insecure and incompetent — which is a far stretch from the confident, self-motivated life-learner I was striving to nurture.

This Au Pair taught me a very valuable lesson that went way beyond the English language. Our conversation challenged my understanding of true education. And it shifted my perspective on the ways I can authentically connect with our homeschoolers.

Never heard of an Au Pair?

I hadn’t either. An Au Pair is a live-in caregiver from overseas, who helps families raise their children. Here is a cool video from an Au Pair if you're interested.

As homeschoolers we’ve met quite a few and I'm always grateful for their honest and candid perspective on raising children.

Have you had an aha moment while homeschooling? What was it? And who sparked it?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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